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WC Fields Jay Ward Original Production Animation Cel Drawing 1970's 014

WC Fields Jay Ward Original Production Animation Cel Drawing 1970's 014

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W.C. Fields Original Production Animation Cel Drawing
Likely from "The Vintage W.C. Fields" 1975

with a Charles Scott Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

So, originally we though this was Mr. Magoo as W.C. Fields (of course he was partially based on W.C. Fields) - from the 1970's from HB. BUT we've done more research and looked at the rest of the drawings that came with this from the same cartoon and they scream Jay Ward. Our research turned up an interesting project: "The Vintage W.C. Fields." It's mentioned in "The Moose that Roared" by Kieth Scott as a film that Jay's company made. It was a retrospective on W.C. Fields that had "nice cartoon links animated by some of Ward's favorite artists like Phil Duncan and Ben Washam" and "we'd done some little animated bridges in which Bill [Hurtz] imitated Field's voice. But the Fields estate wouldn't allow it to be released..." And while it is listed in the Library of Congress and on IMDB, we've never seen it.

We believe these are the drawings from one of those bridges - the timing is exactly right (mid 1970's) and the other frames are so clearly from Ward's shop. If anyone out there can confirm this (like the 10 people who ever saw the film), please holler at us. Includes a Charles Scott Gallery COA.

NOTE: there is a vertical soft-fold down the middle of the drawing and a stain from a paper-clip in the center top. Drawing measures approx. 10.5" x 12.5".

Will be shipped between cardboard.

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