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The Simpsons Original Production Animation Cel Drawing Fox from the Early 1990's 404

The Simpsons Original Production Animation Cel Drawing Fox from the Early 1990's 404

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Original Animation Production Cel Drawing

From the Animated Television Show, by Fox

Likely from Season 4, 1992-1993
Comes with a Charles Scott Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Years ago we purchased a large archive of Simpsons art from an animator who worked on the show in the early years. This piece is from that archive. It is hand-drawn art done by an animator to make an episode of the Simpsons during the production of that episode. 

AND - while there are a more Simpsons drawings available now, BECAUSE we bought our archive over a decade ago OUR DRAWINGS ARE FROM THE EARLIEST YEARS of the Simpsons, unlike most of the others!

Some of these drawings are seen in the final episode, some are "roughs" (which are earlier versions of the ones that appear in the episode), some have dialogue, some are layout drawings, model practice sheets, etc. If you're a super-fan of the show you might be able to locate which episode it is from by what's happening in the image. 

Measures approximately 10.5" x 12.5". NOTE: if there are any light horizontal lines across the drawing it is our scanner, THEY ARE NOT ON THE DRAWING. And, our scanner can't pick up the animation holes in the paper but they are there. 

This is likely from Season 4 because this came to us in a folder with drawings from several episodes in this season.

Actually used in the making of the cartoon and great for collectors or to hang on your wall as nostalgic decoration!  

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