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Pinocchio Gustaf Tenggren Walt Disney production background model sheet 1930s

Pinocchio Gustaf Tenggren Walt Disney production background model sheet 1930s

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Gustaf Tenggren
Walt Disney's
Pre-Production-used Model Sheet

Comes with a Charles Scott Gallery COA

We purchased a stack of animator's model sheets used in the Walt Disney feature Pinocchio, from 1940. The model sheets were used during production (prior to the release) to make the film. Model sheets are used to keep things consistent (across animators) through the life of production of a film or show.

This one is QUITE rare! We've never seen it before. It is on relatively thin paper (not the litho paper that most Pinocchio Model sheets were printed on). It measures approximately 8.5" x 14". And it appears to be part of the Gustaf Tenggren pre-production painting you see often brought out of the Disney archives when articles are written about those archives. Gustaf was key in creating the look and tone of Pinocchio. And while this scene may not have appeared in the movie, it is often published as a key example of Gustaf's contribution for setting the look of the film. It has some dirt-like stain/spots on it, it has a corner bit coming off - remember, these were actually used in production, often pinned up on animator's walls, etc.

We'll include a Charles Scott Gallery COA. We've added a picture above of the painting it is based on.


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