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Original Miniature Pastel Painting from New Mexico artist Sharon Jensen e

Original Miniature Pastel Painting from New Mexico artist Sharon Jensen e

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Sharon Jensen, New Mexico Signature Pastel Society Artist Miniature Pastel
"Electric Eve II"

Framed and ready to hang, with Charles Scott Gallery COA

Sharon Jensen is a renown artist working in the American Southwest. She is a Signature member of the Pastel Society and has exhibited at the New Mexico Masterworks and Pastel Society of New Mexico shows, as well as others.

This particular work, "Electric Eve II" measures approximately 6 3/8" x 6 3/8" and comes already framed and ready to hang. We'll include both a Charles Scott Gallery COA and a biography of the artist.

She states: "Upon visiting New Mexico and seeing the beautiful skies, wide open spaces and the mountains, I just knew I had to live here. Upon moving here in 1999, I immediately started painting the gorgeous sunsets. The immediacy and brilliance of soft pastels made them the perfect medium to interpret the vibrant skies and the open vistas of this breath-taking land. My hope is that my work will convey to others what I experience; whether it be the quiet spirituality of New Mexico’s mountains, mesas, and many chapels, or the awe of a sunset or storm clouds gathering."

We LOVE Sharon's work and are quite happy to represent her. We have quite a few of her pieces in the Charles Scott Gallery collection. In particular, we believe her miniatures capture the essence of the southwest and it's ever-changing scenery. Please inquire if you are interested in seeing scans of more of her art or additional scans of this work.


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