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Original Hand painted Jury The Clown Dollar Diamond Sky (with REAL diamonds) 2*

Original Hand painted Jury The Clown Dollar Diamond Sky (with REAL diamonds) 2*

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ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED JURY THE CLOWN Actual dollar bill art! Matted and ready to frame, with COA

Jury the Clown creates wonderful works of art by defacing US dollars. We are lucky enough to represent Jury and his incredible hand-painted original art. This AMAZING painting is one of only 6 Jury has ever done that include real diamond chips. This bill was circulated prior to painting.

Each bill comes signed by Jury, is matted (see above for picture of matting example) and includes a Charles Scott Gallery COA. Note: Neither Jury nor the Charles Scott Gallery implies any ownership of copyrighted images or characters - they are purely artful representations.


We wanted to write up something special for Jury The Clown. Not the usual slick marketing copy you'd see elsewhere. Because he's a different kind of artist. Every communication we (or anyone) receives from Jury ends with: ALL LOVE JURY THE CLOWN, "LIFE OVER MONEY."

A conversation with Jury is like a wonderful ride on a living amusement park venue. His views are different, exuberant and full of strong ideas. Here's just one example: he refuses to call people who enjoy his art "fans" - he calls them "supporters," because he, "never wants anyone to feel that he is 'above' them." Another quote from Jury: "I want to use my voice and part of the money I make from art to help them." He's talking about the homeless. he has an almost manic passion about helping the homeless and to show that, "there are good people that care about others even if they don't know them."

In terms of his art, we like to say that he "defaces" money. It's a bit of a violent word, but his paintings literally remove the face from money. To take away its power and its evil and to remind us that life is about fun and living and art! Not money and greed and materialism. Defaced dollars by Jury began appearing in print as early as 1999 and he remains an incredibly popular artist - both with collectors and publications.

These incredible hand-painted bills represent just a little of that Jury love...that you can bring home with you.


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