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Marvin Martian Diptych of Duck Dodgers Limited Edition Animation Cast Paper Sculptures both Framed and Signed Paul Vought

Marvin Martian Diptych of Duck Dodgers Limited Edition Animation Cast Paper Sculptures both Framed and Signed Paul Vought

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Matched Set of Cast Paper Sculptures
1 of Marvin Martian and 1 of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig

Framed, Limited Edition of 250 (of which 1-100 were matched pairs) - this is #22

Created and signed by Paul Vought, 1993

Comes Matted and Framed and with the Original Certificate of Authenticity for Each

Legendary Looney Tunes director Chuck Jones made "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century" as a "loving parody of Buck Rogers." And this gorgeous pair of paper sculptures was inspired by the original "lobby card" artwork created for the 1953 premiere of Duck Dodgers. The process of paper sculpting begins by with a clay bas-relief. Then a rigid mold is cast from this master. The sculpture is then cast by pressing successive layers of a raw paper pulp into that mold. The resulting impression retains every detail of the original!

"Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century" was created in 1993 and limited to an edition size of 260 pieces consisting of 2 images, released as a diptych. 10 AP's and #1-100 regular editions were issued as a matched numbered pair (of which this pair is one). #'s 101-250 were released individually. Each of these pieces is #22 out of 100. Each piece (and the associated COA) has been hand numbered and signed by artist Paul Vought.

Both pieces have been elaborately framed in massive shadow boxes, allowing the art to "float."  Each frame is 2" deep and each one comes with a small plaque with the title of the diptych.  The fronts are plexi (not glass).  The frames have wear and tear but are still serviceable - the nicks and scratches are really only visible up close.  The frame with Porky has holes in the top of the back where someone's fingers clearly went through the back-paper - this doesn't affect the integrity of the frame, it's just non-uniform.   Each frame measures 26" x 26" x 2".  We will likely need to ship these in 2 boxes for safety.

NOTE: one issue exists with the Martian frame. As can be seen in the picture, a small triangle of matting is falling into the upper left corner of the frame. When the frame is tipped the piece goes back behind the forward mat and is hidden. It may be possible to tip it and hang this so that the piece is not showing.

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