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Luis Dominguez The Phantom Stranger 29 Cover Approval Proof DC Comics 1974

Luis Dominguez The Phantom Stranger 29 Cover Approval Proof DC Comics 1974

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The Phantom Stranger #29
The Spawn of Frankenstein 1974
Comic Cover Approval Proof DC

from the Jack Adler Collection

with a Key Comics COA

As the COA states, an approval cover is a limited printing of the comic book cover that was given to a D.C. Comics executive prior to the printing of the comic. The executive would review and give final recommendations about color changes, spelling corrections, missing logos, incorrect issue #’s and more. Once final approval was given, the comic could then go to press. Prior to the 1980s almost all approval covers were either shown away or destroyed.

This approval cover comes from the Jack Adler collection. Jack Adler worked for D.C. Comics from 1951-1981. An award winning colorist, Mr. Adler eventually became Vice-President of Production at D.C. Comics.

A proof from editor Joe Orlando's effort to reinstate full-fledged horror comics at the Comics Code-compliant DC studios. Dominguez fulfills the mission with as harrowing a Voodoo image as ever graced the neighborhood funnybook kiosks.

As is typical with these proofs, the colors are more vivid, the dot-screen patterns more emphatic, than on the final published version. Signed in lower-right quadrant. Slight crimping at upper left. Image area, 7" x 10.5". Very Good condition.


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