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Goofy Willie Ito Hand-drawn Walt Disney Production Animation Storyboard 1970's or 1980's 192 from "Hot Water" Filmstrip

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Original Production Animation Hand-drawn/Painted Storyboard
from a Walt Disney 1970's or 1980's Film Strip

Comes with a Charles Scott Gallery Certificate of Authenticity and a Copy of Willie Ito's LOA

According to the LOA from Willie Ito, "The Late Carson Van Osten, a 'Disney Legend' was Vice President of Creative Resources at Walt Disney's Consumer Products Department. Carson and I worked on a series of PSA filmstrips on energy saving subject matters. These are the original artwork created for the series." He goes on to say that "Hot Water" was drawn by him, Willie Ito. It is about using too much water while shaving and brushing his teeth!

These would have been shown in classrooms all around the country! And highlight just how much animation/art work was done outside the normal realms of Feature Films at Disney. Each storyboard is hand-drawn by Willie using black marker and watercolors/artist color markers on 6.75" x 5" storyboard paper and then taped with masking tape down to 16-field animation paper (12.5" x 16.5").

We'll include a copy of the LOA and a Charles Scott Gallery COA. Above you can also see a picture of the title card for the filmstrip (not included).

Willie Ito is a legendary animator, who created many of the iconic characters from your childhood! He of course worked for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera at one time or another. His list of shows is huge - from Lady and the Tramp to What's Opera, Doc? and One Froggy Evening, to The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo and Yogi Bear.


Actually used in the making of the cartoon and great for collectors or to hang on your wall as nostalgic decoration! For more information about collecting animation art, please visit our website at