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DUCKTALES Walt Disney Production Animation Drawing from Animators Estate 87-90 67

DUCKTALES Walt Disney Production Animation Drawing from Animators Estate 87-90 67

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Hand-Drawn Production Art (only gun in upper right corner, rest is copy)

Used to create DUCKTALES, 1987-1990 from Walt Disney

Drawn by, and from the Estate of Animator Wendell Washer

With a Charles Scott Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Wendell Washer was one of the amazing animators who spent his life creating the shows and features we loved as children, working for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Filmation, Marvel and more. We were fortunate enough to acquire a large portion of the animation material from his estate.

And Wendell worked on DUCKTALES!

He did work on many of the episodes, including the multi-part movie start for season 2. And we have approximately 70 of the original drawings he made while in production for Talespin. The drawings include raw and development sketches on 8.5” x 11” paper, story and character notes, props, storyboard drawings on Disney Storyboard paper, character model practice sheets, doodles and more. This is one of those! These are from his personal files and were used by him to make the episodes!

This page measures approximately 8.5" x 14". He's drawn in graphite on it! On this one only the gun in the upper right is a drawing, the rest is copy. But what a great prop design! Will ship between cardboard.

Check out Mr. Washer's IMDB here:
We will be putting up thousands of items from his estate, so stay tuned!

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