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Charles Scott Gallery

Chuck Jones gallery "Le Pew" Eric Goldberg-signed Serigraph edition of 150

Chuck Jones gallery "Le Pew" Eric Goldberg-signed Serigraph edition of 150

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Pepe Le Pew "LE PEW" Serigraph
an edition of 150 from the
Hand-signed by Animation Director, Eric Goldberg

from Warner Brothers/Linda Jones Enterprises
Complete with a Linda Jones Enterprises COA

This Serigraph is from the hand of a master: animator and director Eric Goldberg. This gorgeous serigraph on archival cotton rag paper is Goldberg's take on the classic characters immortalized by the legendary Chuck Jones. These serigraphs are hand-cut and hand-pulled and measure 18" x 14".

Hand-signed by Eric Goldberg, who's resume is staggering. Here's a few of his credits: he helped design and animate the Genie in Aladdin, worked with Chuck Jones on Mrs. Doubtfire and Chariots of Fur, was a director for Pocahontas, director/animator on Fantasia 2000, director of The Emperor's New Groove, Wreck-it Ralph, Paperman and more and more! A stunning resume (note some of his work was done under the pseudonym Claude Raynes).

NOTE: The Charles Scott Gallery is a Linda Jones Enterprise Preferred Gallery, so your artwork is direct from the company started by Chuck and his daughter and will come with a LJE COA.


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