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Antique MAP Nat'l Weather depth chart Apalachicola, Florida to Morgan City, L.A.

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NOAA National Weather Service nautical Marine Weather Services Chart Beautiful Blue and Red Antique US Department of Commerce

Apalachicola, FLA to Morgan City, L.A.

Now we're experts in many things - but not of the nautical sort. Even so, we've acquired a group of antique and beautiful nautical charts.
This part of the grouping are all weather charts - all 19" x 12", all red and blue.

This chart is dated "September 1979" so it's is over 30 YEARS OLD. This one is MSC-6. USCOMM-NOAA-DC-A5741. It basically lists all the weather stations, FM channels, buoys, transmitters, stations, etc. These are in good condition other than a very slight yellowing that is only slightly more pronounced at the edges and of course the center fold - which may have additional folds near the edges. The center fold is also a gradual one - so it may be possible to eliminate it with framing. There may be slight blemishes we missed.

The back side of the map has a text listing of stations and their frequencies, etc. Most interesting on this map is the daytime flag symbols on the front. Thick paper.

Size: 19" x 12"

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