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She-Ra Princess of Power Animation Production Cel Drawing Filmation 1980s 191

She-Ra Princess of Power Animation Production Cel Drawing Filmation 1980s 191

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Original Production Pencil Animation Cel Drawing
from Filmation, 1985-1986
Hand-drawn by an Animator to make an Episode!

Comes with a Charles Scott Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

She-Ra Princess of Power was one of the two most popular Filmation shows in the 1980's along with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Of course they were toy lines as well! This is a hand-drawn, original production drawing used to make an episode of She-ra! This is where the real artistry is - in the drawings. While many folks collect cels, the cels from She-ra (and He-man) are photocopies of these drawings (that were then hand-painted in color on the back of the cel). But again - this is where the REAL art is - the drawing the cel was based on.

The drawing measures approximately 10.5" x 12.5" and is on animation paper. Each is very slightly yellowed with age. These were USED to make the cartoon so there can be blemishes as well. NOTE: if you see a thin horizontal line on the picture it was our scanner - it's not on the drawing.

FYI, Filmation was very good about documenting episodes. If you look on the drawing there is usually a number after "PP" and that number corresponds to the episode production number. Sometimes they are slightly off the published episode numbers we know, since they shuffled the air order compared to the production order, but still it should be fairly easy to find what episode this is from! We'll include a Charles Scott Gallery COA.


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