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Charles Scott Gallery

Pablo Picasso First Run Lithograph Print from Verve 1954 Framed Teriade and Mourlot

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Pablo Picasso
First Run Lithograph Print (Edition under 2,000)
from Verve 1954
Teriade and Mourlot

Newly conservation framed and double-matted, with a Charles Scott Gallery COA

After Pablo Picasso, from Verve Vol VIII, 29-30, 1954, printed in Paris by Mourlot. One of the 12 colored lithographs (plus the cover) created and run first in this issue of Verve. There was an additional run of 75 signed sets - this is not one of those - this is as original placed in the Verve magazine. This issue was devoted solely to Pablo Picasso and there were approximately 2,000 copies issued. It is unknown how many have survived.

The importance of Verve is not well known outside of the art world. Created by E. Teriade and printed by the world famous Mourlot, it was not simply a magazine (much like the more well known Derrier Le Miroir and XXE Siecle). It was an extremely limited art exhibit, containing FIRST RUN LITHOGRAPHS by 20th century masters. There were only 23 volumes of 38 issues released over the course of 23 years because of the quality and time taken to create each volume. And printing numbers ranged from around 6,500 down to 1,000.

Framed to 19" x 16 3/8" in a gilt wood frame. Museum rag matting, UV/non-glare acrylic. Edges of print yellowed but hidden by mat.