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Bongo the Bear from Fun and Fancy Free by Walt Disney Productions and Animation Model Sheet from 1947 2

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Walt Disney
Production-used Litho Model Sheet
of Bongo the Bear from FUN and FANCY FREE, 1947

Comes with a Charles Scott Gallery COA

We adore model sheets. They're usually chock full of research information, they often have multiple poses of your favorite characters and, if they're early Disney like this one, they're lithographs so they're sturdy and made to last. Model sheets were used during production (prior to the release) to make the film. They were/are used to keep things consistent (across animators) through the life of production of a film or show.

This one was used to make the classic 1947 Disney cartoon - Fun and Fancy Free - in particular the Bongo the Bear segment (obviously). This model sheet measures a huge 17" x 14". These WERE used, so some have wear like pinholes, etc. (see pictures). BUT it is rare and gorgeous! We'll include a Charles Scott Gallery COA.

NOTE: this one has a vertical fold.