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4 Square Heroes Tim Rogerson SIGNED Marvel Giclee on Canvas Limited Edition of 50

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Giclee on Canvas Edition of 50
Tim Rogerson

from Marvel and Choice, Complete with a Marvel/Choice COA

This Fine Art Giclée on Canvas by Tim Rogerson features Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider-Man and Hulk. Artist Tim Rogerson's compositions are broken into simple shapes, with each shape having its unique palette!

It is a fine art reproduction Giclee on Canvas. It was done in an edition of 50 and IS ACTUALLY SIGNED BY Tim Rogerson. It measures 30" x 20" and is unframed (raw, rolled canvas) Regular Edition. Also available in other versions at higher price-points, with 15AP, 15PP, 15EP and 5GS (contact us for those versions). Framing also available prior to purchase.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tim Rogerson As a rising star in the art world, Tim Rogerson casts his artwork with an evident energy and passion. Inspired by Modern artists, from the Impressionist works of Degas to the Cubist paintings of Picasso, the North Carolina native has embarked on an artistic journey that has taken him from Degas to Disney to darling of the industry. MFA0156-RE

Terms: AP = Artist Proof, PP = Printer Proof, EP = Executive Proof, GS = Gold Standard.