Jaysen Batchelor

“Renaissance Man” just doesn’t have the punch it once had. It’s been over-used and watered down. Which is unfortunate because if it did have it’s original meaning and punch it would be perfect to describe Jaysen Batchelor. He says that he is “very interested in telling stories, through the characters and worlds he creates.” And he has created many many of those worlds, in many mediums. And we’re privileged to offer a selection of artworks from just a few of those mediums here.

Take a look at some of his amazing female character drawings and paintings below. They’re excellent examples of one particular facet of his worlds; “The characters are innocent in that they cannot hide their emotions. They’re not fake and they can portray only their true selves.”

These works were the first Jaysen Batchelor works we saw and from the moment we did, we knew we wanted to share them (and him) with the world. These drawings have life and movement – they have emotion and character and above all else, charm and vulnerability. They leap off the paper and you feel almost as if you need to respond to them in the same way you would someone standing in front of you, waiting for an answer. They’re reminiscent of classic animation by the greats, in that each individual frame/drawing has a full and complete life of it’s own.

Just a sample for now...

Jaysen Batchelor
  Jaysen Batchelor




When asked about process, Jaysen has told us that he begins many of his projects with Prisma colors, either as a concept sketch or final drawing, before “eventually finding a creative end in water color or acrylic painting, sculpture or large-scale set design for live theatre.” And we’re happy to offer both his preliminary art and a number of these final, completed visions to you.

In terms of other work and works, he continues to create digital backgrounds and concept designs with Salt Lake City-based Too Many Legs Animation Studios as well as providing extensive creative support to live theater productions, including large scale art installations via massive set designs. We’d love to offer those here as well, but shipping might be a something of a problem…so you’ll just have to drop by Salt Lake City to experience that medium of Jaysen Batchelor. In the meantime experience all the rest…

EACH PIECE OF ART comes signed by Jaysen, is Matted and includes a Charles Scott Gallery COA.

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