Unfortunately there are fakes out there being sold every day. It is no longer a rarity, but now something of an epidemic. There are sellers on ebay who sell only fake or fraudulent items and have been doing so with the same story for years. There are ALSO sellers who are just confused - but regularly so. And, finally, those who use loose language that is confusing and sometimes deceptive. So what follows is a graded list of sellers who have issues - from the out and out fraudulant to those who occasionally have a mis-step.

NOTE TO SELLERS ON THIS LIST. Show us you want to fix the problem, not to be a part of it. Change your language, etc. and we'll take you off the list. All we want is a safe marketplace for buyers and sellers.


Sellers who sell only or almost only fakes. They use deceptive language and we've seen them actively change that language when challenged, to avoid punishment and deceive buyers:

Ebay: FOSLAND / FOSWORLD - has been selling fakes for at least 4 years on ebay with the exact same loose-languaged story. He has sold fake Dr. Suess art, fake Calvin and Hobbes art, etc. Sometimes for very high prices. Check out the boards on CAF for discussions of their latest fakes. We cannot stress enough that this person sells COMPLETELY fake art for high prices. This one is a full on criminal.

Ebay: italiantom - Another crook. Lists some items with titles that call them "Cell Animation Art" but within the description says that the same item is "not hand-painted" but a "Cel print." So those are FAKES. Also, now includes language about how "cel" has come to encompass many things. It has not. DO NOT BUY their art. ALso, some items are listed as "Hand-Painted cels" and again claim to be for publicity or from conventions. BUT THEY ARE FAKES. For example, at the time of writing this there is a "Cel" from Frozen for sale. There are no cels from Frozen. PERIOD. This seller then goes on in his descriptions to claim he has bought these from animation stores, etc.  Clearly to deceive and confuse, as they are fakes. RECENTLY they have begun issuing warnings claiming that ANYONE else selling Spongebob cels without their COA are fakes. Obviously a greedy-scare-style sales tactic. Stay away - he's one of the worst of the worst. We HATE having to tell people that the art they bought from Italiantom is fake.

Ebay: panda2190 - full on fraud. They print cels and call them "production" cels and tell you that you are purchasing "animation history." They are fakes.


CAUTION: Language confusing

Sellers who usually sell both "real" art and "fake art" but have very confusing language - it is difficult to tell the difference without reading carefully.

Ebay: premieranimation - sells "hand-painted art cels" which they say were most likely created for publicity reasons or bought from conventions. This means they are fakes. However, they ALSO sell legitimate production-used art, which they then specify are "production" pieces that "was actually used..." So just pay attention to which you are buying.

Ebay: s_tripaldi - while this seller does call out their sericels, they also have items they title hand-painted animation cartoon cels. They sell them in the production art category. They are fakes.

Ebay: otdavid587 - 99% of his items are genuine and he usually does a very good job of calling out the limited editions, etc. But occasionally posts items that seem written to take advantage of the ignorant buyer. One example: he has listed South Park cels...which of course do not exist and never have. We actually emailed him and he seemed interested AND gratified that we had informed him of this, yet then never took them down or changed any of the language of his listings. Phrases like, "piece of cartoon history" and "can be enjoyed while it grows in value!" remain after our emails and are simply untrue. The Southpark Cels are not pieces of cartoon history because they were never used in the produciton of South Park and they will never grow in value because they are fakes. They are indeed hand-painted, but made by a fan. Perhaps he just hasn't had time to take the language down, but it has been a month now.

Remember: don't purchase animation art as an investment. All art CAN be an investment, but markets rise and fall. And the only way to not be unhappy by the fall is to purchase what you like - not what you believe will increase in value.


CAUTION: They are confused

Sellers who generally have legitimate art, but occasionally get it wrong. In most cases these are folks we've even bought from. But we see repeated mistakes. Not often enough to be in a higher category - but they do make them often enough on the same items, that we wonder sometimes.


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